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Secrets of Sequence & Proportions


Numerologically, a beautiful name may have a number which seems to be strong, sweet, sounds great, supportive and powerful. But little is known about the hidden numbers underneath the names which could be venomous. Movements of this numbers will touch and influence you for the rest of your life. In different senses, in different ways, in any shapes, in any designs or in any angles, from any corners and from multiple dimensions.

Numbers vibrate according to the thoughts and vice versa. It even creates and controls our character, our behaviour pattern and the way we think. A devils mind or an angels heart. The needs, the motives and the desires for survival manifested from here. The cause and effects of day to day happenings in your life is the secretive work of this mysterious numbers.

An Umbrella doesn’t stop the rain, it prevents you from getting wet.

When things happen and we don’t know the answer, we call it fate. Fate is not born. Fate was created and sealed through the name given by our parents the day we are born. And the names have numbers. Even twins born on the same date, month and year have different characters. Why? Because they have different names.

There are 81 numerical sequences originated from root numbers 1 to 9. Their play and influences are certainly felt by us. It is all about life & debt situation. A perfect tool but we are the imperfect users. Numbers have force only when you use it diligently.

I am the founder of QDimensy Reg. TM , an empirical system calculation of sequence & proportions, also known as the gatekeepers code believed to minimize and control unexpected or unavoidable events in our life including premature death.

QDimensy Reg. TM controls Empirical system. It’s a closely guarded method of cosmic and matrix calculations using numbers to read birth, survival, destiny, and death. Convert your mind into action and your survival starts from here.

My humble aim here is to provoke awareness in uniting, neutralizing, controlling and stabilizing nature’s vibration with you. One day, when you wakeup in the morning, you will appreciate the value of QDimensy Reg. TM when thunder storms circle above your head.
Again like I said, it’s a life and debt situation.

I saw the cause, I saw the effect’s, I have the solution.