The master 1

A power believed to control events

A future decided before hand

An equation of two expressions

A connection of you and me

Humanity’s fascination with numbers is ancient and complex. Numbers are the intricate reflection of our inner thoughts, interest and capabilities. 
A perfect tool. But then, we are the imperfect users. 
To describe the world around us, we need numbers
To measure, to create, to predict we need numbers
The entire universe is in sequence with numbers
Numbers do not lie.

I am the founder of QDimensy Reg. TM an ancient Science of Sequence & Proportions. A dimensional five pillars Empirical systems calculations, believed to bypass all negative elements and events before it happens. 
Everything that existed was born in sequence and proportion and when converted into numbers can be measured accordingly. 
Apply this theory and it works well.

My humble aim here is to provoke awareness in uniting, neutralizing and stabilizing natures vibrations with you. 
This is done through a fine-tuned altered signature using 8 numerical equations, 9 field force factors, 12 revolving dynamics and 26 symbolic expressions. 
It’s a closely guarded method of calculations.