Empirical Systems



A wall of protection. A symbolic system to control effects of Vortex, Ripples, Domino and Shock waves. The focal point of all calculations starts from the place where you are standing. The missing sixth element. Cosmic equations for damage control and increasing life span, if the numbers fit. 

Wisdom, experience & perfection of calculations is needed here. Text Book Knowledge will create your own assumptions and wrong interpretations. A master’s finger print is highly needed here to sharpen your knowledge of Inverted Triangles, Eternal Triangles and the ultimate Empirical Systems. 

What you see in the surface of numbers is very different when viewed from below.
What you see below the alphabets is much more different when viewed from the surface. 

When problems come, it’s the body and the mind which takes the pressure.
Channel all problems to an alternative source and the brain works for a solution.
I know the cause. I create the source. I utilise the effects. I have the solution. 

By definition: A number Sequence is an ordered list of numerical Proportions.
That contains addition, subtraction, multiplication and non-negative integer exponent numbers. 

Basic Facts
In QDimensy Reg. TM , all alphabets with value, are converted to a set of fine tuned numbers, which when added itself to a certain individual’s combination, utilized diligently, with mother nature’s help, can manifest into a mysterious invisible force that governs all of mankind’s destiny enabling us to survive in this wonderful, beautiful, confused world. It’s an equation of damage control with problem solving capabilities to restore a complicated life and debt situation using numbers. 

Again an umbrella doesn’t stop the rain. It stops you from getting wet. What does it take to shape your survival and living standards ! 

1 sun – Centralized point 6 venus – 177 °
2 moon – Stabilizing point 7 neptune – 30 °
3 jupiter – 3 ° 8 saturn – 27 °
4 uranus – 98 ° 9 mars – 25 °
5 mercury – 1 ° Earth – 23 °

The entire empirical system procedures are imbedded in a prepared QDimensy Reg. TM millionaire signature profile before it leaves my hand. All great achievements require time and 6 degrees of slope to communicate, to replicate, to duplicate, to simplify, to amplify and to neutralize yourself individually at the place where you are standing. 

By signing a new sequence, you convert your mind into actions. The powers of your name act through the brain and manifest in your sub-conscious mind. Your name is your fate, your signature is your destiny. You can argue that fate is sealed by god. But then at the end of the day, it’s 99% you, only 1% god and 6 degree’s of …… was there – not there vision.

Write your name diligently
The Centre Radiates in eight Dimensions
Centralized by the Sun,
stabilized by the Moon,
Synchronized by Earth,
Balanced by you
Powered by Me – All for You
The entire universe is in sequence with numbers.

Every Number has a story to tell.
What’s your story?

There is no such one fate and no choice. Even though it’s a fact that we are living on borrowed time. All problems can be solved with logic and analysis. Circumstances can always be arranged if you have the power to synchronize yourself with Mother Nature. Sequence of QDimensy Reg. TM may change what is ordained by fate. It’s all about the power of an individual. It’s all about you. 

QDimensy Reg. TM is a closely guarded method of astral calculation using numbers. My humble aim here is to provoke awareness in restoring, uniting, neutralizing and stabilizing nature’s vibration in sequence with your needs, thoughts, likes, wants and desire 

Word of Wisdom: Don’t attempt or copy the QDimensy Reg. TM number calculation if you don’t know the code to open the 149 astral numerical gates. There is no way of taking one number out or replacing another one in as per your wish. If you do it, you will only harm yourself and innocence people by your own way of thinking and assumptions. Please value another human’s life as your own. 

I saw the cause, I saw the effects, I have the solution.